marco casagrande: cicada

'cicada' by marco casagrande in taipei, taiwan
image © adDa
all images courtesy marco casagrande

'cicada' by finnish architect marco casagrande is a cocoon-like spatial installation in a highly
industrial region of taipei, taiwan. conceived as 'urban acupuncture' for the city, the bamboo structure
loosely envelopes an organic volume which responds to the human scale.

view of site from above
image © adDa

measuring 34 meters in length, the inhabitable shelter sits on a small strip of green amidst busy roads
and an elevated train track. the surrounding ground features a oval footprint of broken rocks and concrete,
defining a walkway that eventually leads to the entrance of the installation. strips of bamboo are woven
through a simple criss-crossing armature, resulting in a permeable shell that filters sunlight into the interior.
the ambience of the city remains present but diluted within the structure.

exterior view
image © adDa

image © adDa

undulating slightly in its height, 'cicada' is designed to perform as a public forum for visitors.
the layout is loose and accommodating, revolving around a central fireplace situated under an aperture
in the roof. small benches provide flexible seating along the length of the installation.

interior view
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image © adDa

seating and firewood
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climbing plants
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interior at night
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image © adDa

night view
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sketch of site


sectional rendering

project info:

length: 34 m
width: 12 m
height: 8 m
interior area: 270 m2

client: JUT land development group
architect: marco casagrande
design team: frank chen, yu-chen chiu, shreya nagrath, arijit sen
project manager: nikita wu